Future Bodies (Decellularisation) Workshop | Saturday 21 June 2014, 1– 5pm

Simon Westgate,  Critical Species (Primates)

Simon Westgate, Critical Species (Primates)

Future Human: Art/Science Workshops

Future Bodies (Decellularisation)

Saturday 21 June, 1– 5pm (adults and 11+)

Decellularisation is the process by which organs are stripped back, leaving only the structure, which could. Decellularised organs can be used to create platforms for organs to transplant. Throughout this drop-in workshop, you can meet artists and scientists using this new technique, observe a live decellularisation of a heart, and have a go at making artwork with strips of decellularised bacon, dyes and glitter. Let your imagination run wild with a totally new art medium and learn about this amazing biotechnology technique.

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Martin Beney