GV Art & Mind Symposium #24 | Schizophrenia | Tuesday 23 September 2014, 7pm

GV Art & Mind Symposium #24

Schizophrenia: A treatable brain disease

Tuesday 23 September 2014, 7pm

Please RSVP to Garry Kennard at garry.kennard@btopenworld.com

Cost £20.00 per person including dinner & wine

Our guest speakers are:
Dr. Fiona Le Beau, Lecturer, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University
Dr Barbara Domayne-Hayman, Autifony Therapeutics Limited
Dr Michael Harte, Lecturer in Drug Action, Manchester Pharmacy School, University of Manchester
Professor Steve Williams, Chair in Imaging Science, University of Manchester

For fuller biographies and further information please go to the Art & Mind website

The subject of our Symposium is a research collaboration between Autifony Therapeutics and the universities of Manchester and Newcastle. We are fortunate to have as our speakers not one, but four of the individuals working on this development.

Schizophrenia affects nearly 5 million people across the EU and US, yet was dubbed the ‘Abandoned Illness’ in a report by the UK’s Schizophrenia Commission (www.schizophreniacommission.org.uk) in 2012.

Many of the new drugs in development work by interacting with the same brain mechanisms as those that have been used for the several decades and lack effectiveness in treating the cognitive and negative symptoms, so there is a real need for a new approach. The challenge is to take advantage of recent research, and develop drugs that may treat the underlying brain dysfunction. Such drugs could have revolutionary potential in the treatment and outcomes for people with schizophrenia.

Martin Beney