Albert Binimelis-Mulet


Albert Binimelis-Mulet

Albert Binimelis (born 1976) is a contemporary artist from Mallorca. His work, characterised by thick exuberant lines and richly textured collage, is strongly influenced by the natural world around him. Albert could not, however, be described as a naturalist. Each of his pieces has an abstract idea at its heart, and draws upon elements of his environment, particularly birds, animals and local people, to express it.

Albert grew up in an artistic family. His mother is a ceramicist, his father a jeweller. He trained in illustration at the Arts and Crafts School in Palma. He then honed his distinctive painting style and developed his passion for collage under the guidance of celebrated Mallorcan artists, Joan Riera Ferrari and Ellis Jacobson.

Albert is fascinated and inspired by the infinite possibilities of acrylics. That they mix comfortably with materials such as fabrics, latex and pigments enables him to work in a sensory dimension, and give free rein to his imagination. Albert’s collages create a powerful sense that his butterflies are hovering over the canvas, and capture brilliantly the nimble darting movements of birds.

Albert says, “I believe that feeling, is the ultimate goal of every work of art. In my work, feeling is pursued through abstraction, and abstraction is expressed through the concrete form.”


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