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GV Art is the London hub for adisciplinary practice, fostering collaborations between artists & others through a programme of curated exhibitions & events. Its core mission is to pave the way for new aesthetic sensibilities and catalyse the exchange of ideas across disciplines.

Over ten years GV Art has curated and produced more than fifty exhibitions and over a hundred events working within these intellectual parameters and encouraging interdisciplinary practice and creative entanglements. Such exhibitions place great emphasis on public education and engagement, inviting the public and artistic and scientific communities to initiate conversations on shifting ethical guidelines for future collaborations and experimentation.

Critical to GV Art’s success are the strong strategic partnerships enjoyed with many major institutions (Human Tissue Authority, Newcastle University, University of Westminster, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, Kings College London, Imperial College London, Manchester University, University College London, University of Oxford, Goldsmiths University of London, Portsmouth University, Middlesex University, London Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London, Barts Pathology Museum and the University of Western Australia). These have resulted in a number of powerful exhibitions including Of the Flesh, Brainstorm, Experiments, Dendritic Forms, Relics of the Mind, Art & Science, Sense of Taste, Coming of Age, Trauma, Polymath and Graphite while simultaneously fostering a coordinated approach towards the exhibition, cataloguing and preservation of these new works.

GV Art strives to create new perspectives whether that be continuing the ethical debate around the use of human remains for the production of art (made possible GV Art’s privilege of holding a Human Tissue Authority Licence for Public Display and Storage) or through displaying graphene within a new cultural context to explore and illustrate Graphite’s remarkable history and materiality. New debates on the Anthropocene are highlighted in works by Anaïs Tondeur while existing discussions on mental health are given fresh insights with challenging new forums for neuroscientists and industry professionals. Collectively, they reiterate the need to look more deeply at our understanding of the human condition.

GV Art also represents the estates of a numerous artists at the forefront of the art & science discourse including the Franciszka & Stefan Themerson Estate. It strives to ensure their ideas retain their relevance in contemporary discourse. It works with institutions such as the Tate and V&A to place artworks in collections so that future generations understand the meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations that shape the development of art & technology past, present and future. 


“GV Art in the past has courted controversy with exhibitions featuring slices of human brain. Even so, there is never the sense that the gallery’s exhibitions are involved in voyeurism or shock tactics.” 

TREBUCHET issue 1, 2017.


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